While most everyone is doing the majority of their work from home, the number of Zoom, GotoMeeting and FaceTime meetings are going up, exponentially.

Sorta reminds us of the opening credits on the Brady Bunch!

As you continue to work your real estate business, you may find more and more demands for these video calls or conferences. Buyer meetings, listing appointments and virtual open houses with your clients and meetings with your team, coach, brokerage or assistant seem to be adding up to a lot of camera time.

Looking Good for Video Calls

There are a few simple tips for making sure you look your best on camera for clients, peers and family calls, too!

First: Light should be in front of you. If the light comes from behind or beside you, it can cast shadows that make it hard for others to see you.

Best case is natural light. Set up your phone or laptop in front of a window. If that’s not possible, set a lamp directly in front of your computer or phone so the light is cast towards you as you face the screen.

Second: The angle is important to looking good as well. Never shoot a video from below – NEVER, trust me!

Try to have the camera lens at a height just above eye level for the most flattering look. Use books or a sturdy container to set your laptop or phone on while on the calls.

Third: Make sure the area behind you is neat and tidy. This will be in the video call the whole time and you don’t want it distracting, messy or to take away from you! You can also use the virtual backdrop option with Zoom. You get to it by clicking the arrow next to the camera on the tool bar.

Fourth: Dress appropriately – at least from the waist up! Let’s admit it – there are some of us that like the pajama pants or sweats for the comfort! That’s fine as long as the area that will be filmed is appropriate for your clientele or peers.

Also, try to have everything you’ll need during the call right beside you. It’s horrible to have to get up to move and everyone see your pajama pants covered in red hearts! Not super professional!

Fifth: Yes, it can get old being stuck at home, however, our appearance on camera should always look put together – especially for clients. We are asking them to trust us and work with us. We should be neat and clean!

Think at least minimal make-up, hair combed and done in your normal way. Use dry shampoo, lip balm or lipstick with a touch of color. No need to go all out, just be presentable. Real estate is a serious business; you want to be taken seriously.

Below is a good video to show some examples for setting up your space!

Happy Zooming!