Culture is a word that’s thrown around a lot in the business world these days. Companies use it to attract the best talent. You have to decide what sort of culture you want to be a part of for your career.

Would you rather work in a big office brokerage with name recognition but little else offered to their agents? Do you want a small, boutique brokerage office where you work with mostly past clients and referrals? Maybe you prefer a brokerage with a team culture of working together towards a common goal for the good of all?

Each brokerage, regardless of size, has a culture. You have to decide what the best environment is for you.

What is Culture?

Culture is one of those intangible things. It’s a feeling, atmosphere and environment of the office/brokerage. The “personality” to give a human trait to a non-human thing.

It’s the mission, values, ethics, goals and expectations of a brokerage. And, even it they are missing these things, that names their culture.

Companies in all industries can see a measurable, factual difference in the productivity and engagement of their employees/workers/contractors directly affected by the company culture.

That’s pretty important.


Finding just the right cultural fit for you can be challenging. The culture of your brokerage can and almost certainly will, affect your performance and ultimate happiness with your real estate career choice.

There are brokerages at both extremes and some in the middle. You have to know yourself pretty well to know what environment will work best for you.

Leave Me Alone

Do you just want the name recognition and to be left alone to do your own thing? That’s the traditional real estate culture – the lone wolf. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want!

There are plenty of big box brokerages out there that don’t care whether you make any money or not as long as you pay your fees. This style works well for some agents.

Growth Driven

Maybe you want to work your way up in the real estate industry? You dream of being more than an agent in your career. A brokerage that offers training, mentoring and growth-minded classes in a more team-oriented style might be the right fit for you.

Team Player

If you are a team player and want to be a part of something bigger, try finding a brokerage or team of agents whose culture is built on teamwork. A common goal, support, accountability and sense of camaraderie or family could be the right fit for you.

Don’t Settle

There are a lot of brokerages and models out there. Research them and find the one whose culture lines up with your own values, goals and convictions. They’ll be lucky to have you!