Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the real estate industry was changing. The available technology, the way we live our lives and communicate is changing so fast, most industries are scrapping to keep up!

We all know real estate is a relationship business. In order to keep up with the way our sphere and clients live their lives, we have to have options available to them that makes a real estate transaction more attractive, easy and simple.

Virtual is the Way

With all the technology available and the stay at home mandate, virtual is the way. Although real estate is considered essential, the less actual, in person meetings, the better.

Buyer and Seller Meetings

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and even the old standby, GotoMeetings, are all great options for meeting with your clients. Typically, being able to see someone’s face and body language is better than just talking on the phone.

Screen sharing on those apps makes it easy to walk clients through an offer they received or one they want to make, look at inspection reports together or just walk through the process of buying or selling a home.

Video Listing Walkthrus

Another way we can cut down on in person instances is by taking video walkthrus of our listings and having them available to other agents. We have seen a few agents who are taking the videos but then, not sharing with the rest of us. What’s up with that? Do they want to sell their client’s home or not.

Seems it would be much better business to ask that potential buyers look at the photos, do a drive by to make sure they like the location and neighbors homes, and then have a virtual tour to really see things. THEN, if they are still interested, their agent could arrange an in person showing if the seller is allowing them.

We have to work together to keep things going for our clients!

Will the Pandemic Change How We Do Our Job Forever?

It’s possible. While an agent is still needed for guidance and advice, some of the steps we did prior to the pandemic may be outdated in today’s world. I don’t think the agent will disappear from a transaction, just feel that some the steps may be handled virtually to keep up.

Change is inevitable. You change or you get left behind. Ultimately, the consumer will decide what’s best for them and we have to adapt.

Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that consumers had to visit brokerages in order to look at their listings. We’ve come a long way in how we take care of our clients. Don’t get left behind as we move forward!