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In today’s hustling and bustling world, there never seems to be enough time to do all the things you need to do, much less all the things you want to do.

To Do lists are on every surface and still, we fall short. How can our time management be improved so we care for the needs of our clients and still get to spend quality time with our family and friends.


Start with the Goal

What is the goal for your business? Do you want to sell “X” number of units? “X “dollars of volume? Make “X” dollars in commission?

Naming the goal is the first step to coming up with the plan to achieve and take control of your time. You have to know what you are working for and towards.


Planning the Trip

Across the board, successful people have a plan. They create and follow a routine that allows them to achieve their business goals and still have a life!

This is much more than “What do I do today?” It’s a guide to keep them on track when the rest of the world is pulling them in different directions. The one thing you can control in your career is how you spend your time. Make it productive!

Look at it this way:

Let’s say you want to take a road trip. Point “A” is where you are now and Point “B” is your destination. The real question is how are you going to get from point “A” to point “B”?

You would likely use a map to decide the route. Let’s say Chicago to Miami. The map would look something like this:


You start with the destination and then plan your route.


Best Way to Get There

Your route is your plan. It’s what keeps you on track as you drive. But, as we all know, there are “shiny objects” that pull us away from the route, if we let them.

“See Rock City”, “Caverns Tour”, and even an outlet mall are advertised on big billboards along the highway to woo you away from the route to your destination. When you take these side trips, it adds precious time to reaching your destination. Sometimes, you can even get so caught up in the side trip, you lose focus on the ultimate destination.

A straightforward map to your destination can become convoluted real quick. It can add hours, days, weeks and more to the original trip time.


The correlation is pretty obvious when put like this. In your daily plan, the whirlwind of life is going to be pulling at you. A plan you are truly committed to should always bring you back on track.


Reigning it in

There will always be distractions. You have control over which of them, if any, you allow to pull you away from your path to your goals.

Start small. Plan your morning and stick to it. Do the necessary activities that will put you a little bit closer to your goal everyday. A sample routine could be:

  • 9 am to 10 am – Lead Generation
  • 10 am to 11 am – Lead Follow Up
  • 11 am to Noon – Administrative tasks

Then, the afternoons can be used for appointments, showings and negotiations.

Obviously, in real estate, deadlines have to be met. If you have a deadline in the morning, you could take care of it the day before or just move the administrative tasks to earlier.

The thing is, you need the guide and a routine to be your best self for your clients, family and friends. Work is more productive when it’s proactive rather than reactive!

Schedules and routines are a part of almost every successful person’s plan. Have you created yours, yet?